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What Is Is A Simple Program & Easy Way To Start Earning An Extra Income
From Home While You Building A Team To Follow You On Your Next Online Ventures!

This Is A Great Way To Start Building Trust And Relationship With Your
Downline Members. This Is Only $1 And There's No Other Fee Ever.

Join For $1 And Pay $1 Per Month Plus Processing Fee. That's It!

Also You'll Receive Advertising Credits Each Month To Promote Any Other Primary
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3,000 468x60 Banner Impressions

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3,000 Text Ads Impressions

25 Login Ads Impressions

Downline Builder Program.

Build your downline from any other programs
using our downlinebuilder system!

Add your own program from your members area

Free Members Can Add 1 Program
Pro Members Can Add 5 Programs

Check Out The Simple And  Easy Referral Commission Structure Below!

For Example:
If You Can Personally Sponsor 25 Members, And Each Of Them Get Only 10 Members.

Your Potential Monthly Residual Income From A $1 Membership Fee Would Be $27,931.25!

Level 1. 25 Members: 25 x $0.25 = $6.25 Monthly

Level 2. 250 Members: 250 x $0.20 = $50 + $6.25 = $56.25 Monthly

Level 3. 2500 Members: 2500 x $0.15 = $375 + $56.25 = $431.25 Monthly

Level 4. 25,000 Members: 25,000 x $0.10 = $2,500+ $431.25 = $2,931.25 Monthly

Level 5. 250,000 Members: 250,000 x $0.10 = $25,000 + $2,931.25 = $27,931.25 Monthly

Can I join without a sponsor?
YES. You may join us directly using the "Join" link found on the "Home Page"
or on the "Top Menu Bar". The default sponsor is site Admin.

Is my personal information protected with your company?
Any personal information that you provide to us are privacy protected.
Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone.

Why has my account been deleted?
Accounts may be deleted for reasons, not limited to, inappropriate behavior/abuse
towards other members and/or the administration of

If you believe that none of the above is true and still your account has been
deleted, please contact us.

What payment processors are used in
We Are A Bitcoin Program

You Can Upgrade Your Account Or Purchase AdPack Using Any Bitcoin Wallet!

How long does it take for payout/withdrawals to be released?
Payouts/Withdrawal requests are usually processed within 48 hours from request.

What is MyEzdollarclub Refund Policy?
All purchased items Upgrade fees for memberships (if any) Add funds Purchase of
Myezdollarclub packs or other Advertising package(s) are non-refundable (NO REFUND).

If you make a dispute, Charge back or reverse transactions on your purchases, your
account will be suspended immediately. On closure of dispute, we will re-evaluate
the situation and may either reinstate your account or terminate your account.

Minimum amount to withdraw is $10.

My question is not answered here. What should I do?
Please use the "Support" page to send us your question. One of our support staff
will answer within 24 hours.

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